Our People

At Green Light, we view our people as our best asset. Our team encourage innovative thinking, whilst continuously developing individual skills and knowledge, in order to deliver the most effective outcomes for our clients. We believe in giving people the freedom to think creatively about solutions and the autonomy to work in the best way that suits them. We like specialists who aren’t afraid to apply their expertise to new areas.


The Green Light method utilises the best people and governance practises to provide world class solutions


Teamwork is a primary focus within Green Light, with all members’ voices and opinions encouraged while creating solutions for our clients. With our collaborative working style, we always ensure the most appropriate resources are utilised for each project and service. Integrity is at the core of all Green Light operations, which establishes the mutual trust and respect we form with all of our clients.

Green Light has a large pool of experienced engineers to draw from, ensuring that we always have the resources available to suit your needs. We also have access to a supply of government security-cleared resources.

We invest heavily in training our service delivery team and engineers, ensuring they are highly qualified and relevantly certified.

Green Light’s HR model is based on Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) which make sure that the company, teams and individuals within it are all working towards a common goal.


We are creative, unafraid and expert