Strategic Partnerships

At Green Light we differentiate ourselves from other service providers through our unique ability to closely align with our client’s business. This allows us to develop long-term strategic relationships with our clients built on trust, an ideal which remains at the core of all Green Light services.

As one of the largest providers of IT services throughout Australia and Asia, Green Light has the capacity, experience, knowledge, people and capability to provide the most agile and adaptive services for our clients. Our experience and depth of knowledge means we always provide our customers with world class service outcomes. 

By choosing to partner with Green Light, our clients have direct access to one of the largest resource pools on-shore in Australia and Asia. We stand unrivalled in our ability to provide highly-skilled, scalable workforces within limited timeframes.

Our services are acquired through statement of work engagements, alleviating the risks that are inherent when devising critical aspects of the solution between separate resources entities.

Our model promises to deliver on quality, choice, culture and value.