Workforce as a Service

  • Green Light will rapidly deploy resources your business needs to complete task based work
  • Whether this is ad-hoc or large pieces of work where additional skills and resources are required on a      temporary basis, we will deliver an exceptional outcome based solution
  • By benefiting from Green Light’s economies of scale, you receive a service that provides resources at a fraction of the cost to suit the budget and needs of your business outcomes
  • Examples of capabilities: desktop deployment, lift and shift, field services and point of sale services
  • We specialise in sought after skills and remote areas

  Workforce as a Service (WaaS) is a high impact service line.

Every client plans ahead, but sometimes bottlenecks occur, or projects slip, or large volumes of work come in at the same time. This means a huge surge of delivery is required in a short space of time. WaaS is perfectly placed as Green Light’s event driven, ad-hoc service line.

Tried and tested, and ultimately reliable, WaaS enables our customers to confidently supplement their workforce at short notice and with the surety that tasks will be completed.

WaaS offers rapid response teams to complete outcomes based work across the country. Its switch-on, switch-off nature is a truly unique model in Australia. This flexibility of workforce is key, as it is our extensive capability and delivery expertise that will allow a client’s business to be more agile and reactionary to an ever-changing global market. We strive to support our global Tier 1 partners and enterprises through providing only the most suitable, experienced professionals.

Resources are provided under a rate card format and the service is delivered through a SOW engagement. Green Light operates on economies of scale so you will only pay for the services that you need